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We maintain the required training, certifications and ongoing learning that is necessary to always be on top of the most effective means to help you by the best means possible.  


Our wide array of services, specialties and equipment give you a full-orbed look at the energy efficiency and health of your home.  Some of the tools and equipment we utilize in performing your energy efficiency audit are a blower door, duct blower, differential pressure manometer, thermal camera, smoke generator, infrared digital thermometer, combustion analyzer, carbon monoxide meter, hygrometer and moisture meter, among others as needed to perform a complete analysis of your home.

Whole House Energy Audits

We perform comprehensive, scientific, Energy Audits in York, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle and Central Pennsylvania, to the standards of the Building Performance Institute.  Testing is performed to ensure the safety of the occupants, to determine  adequate air infiltration rates and perform a complete energy diagnosis.

 Featured Services

  1. Home Energy Audits

  2. Home Energy Ratings

  3. Blower Door Tests

  4. Duct Testing

  5. Mold Inspections & Consultations 


Since we sell no products, our energy assessments are accurate, unbiased, and always in the best interest of your comfort, health, and the lowering of your energy bills.

Energy bills too high?  Is your home uncomfortable?  We can help.

Energy Star Ratings

A service for both builders and homeowners, to certify that the home meets the requirements of the Energy Star New Home program, as well as other similar energy-efficient new home programs. 

Creating healthy, comfortable, efficient homes is our passion.

Does your house make the grade?

Duct Testing

We provide testing services for builders to meet the code requirements for overall air infiltration and duct leakage rates.  As a part of our service, we will assist in determining the reason(s) for test failure.