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Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Ratings analyze whole-house energy usage for new and existing homes.   These ratings can be used to compare the relative usage of two homes when purchasing, or to verify the efficiency of a design when building.  



Benefits of the RESNET HERS Rating system:

RESNET (The Residential Energy Services Network) developed the HERS Rating system in 2006 to meet the growing demand for a way to compare the energy use of homes.    HERS Ratings compare your home to a 'Reference Home" that has the exact same size and shape.  In this manner, houses of different sizes and shapes can be compared via their HERS Rating scores to give a relative picture of their energy efficiency.   The 'Reference Home' has a score of 100 and is roughly the score a new 'code-built' home would receive.   The typical existing home has a HERS rating of 130.  Most of the Energy Star homes certified by Energy Auditors receive scores in the 50's and 60's.    A house with a score of 130 would use approximately 30% more energy than the 'Reference Home,' while a house with a score of 70 would use approximately 30% less energy.   According to RESNET, " The HERS Index Score can be described as a sort of miles-per-gallon (MPG) sticker for houses, giving prospective buyers and homeowners an insight as to how the home ranks in terms of energy efficiency."  

For Homeowners:    
HERS Rated homes measure the energy usage of the whole-house, looking at the geometry, construction, insulation levels, air leakage (measured with a
Blower Door Test), Duct Leakage (measured with a Duct Leakage Test), windows, doors, appliances, HVAC sytems, lighting, etc.    These j

For Builders:    

ENERGY STAR®  homes help builders to set themselves apart from their competition.   Standard homes that are built to the "code" are built to a minimum standard, not to a higher standard.  As one professional aptly said, "Congratulations.  You built a house to meet code.  You get a D-minus."   Some of the benefits of the Energy Star system for builders are:

  1. ENERGY STAR®  homes give market-differentiation and competitive advantage.  
  2. Fewer call-backs due to increased quality inspections.
  3. ENERGY STAR®  Certified homes give the home-buyer confidence and peace-of-mind about the builder's commitment to quality.
  4. The distinctive blue ENERGY STAR® label certifies to homebuyers that their home has been built to meticulous standards.
  5. ENERGY STAR® homes sell faster and at higher prices than standard homes.    
  6. Most energy companies in central Pennsylvania offer builder incentives for ENERGY STAR® homes.     

Builders can read more about program requirements here.   

HERS Ratings