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Thermal (Infrared) Imaging Services

​​​​​​Thermal Imaging:

(Major air leaking around a seemingly good door.)  

At Energy Auditors we utilize thermal (infrared) imaging technology to diagnose roof and window leaks, plumbing leaks, building energy loss, missing insulation, and overheating electrical components.   Thermal imaging cameras measure temperature, which offers a non-destructive method to detect problems that are not visible to the naked eye.   This allows homeowners to make decisions about repairs without guessing.  This advanced technology can:

  1. Detect moisture hidden in a wall.
  2. Determine the extent of moisture damage within walls, flooring & ceiling.
  3. Diagnose HVAC leakage and other problems. 
  4. Detect air-infiltration and leakage in walls, ceilings, foundations, windows, and doors.  
  5. Identify missing insulation.
  6. Detect overloaded circuits and over-heating breakers. 
  7. See many problems that your eye cannot!  

By combining thermal imaging technology with visual inspections of building components, we have helped homeowners to identify and diagnose problems that have in some cases plagued them for years.  We serve Central Pennsylvania including Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg and York.  How can we help you?  

(Massive air leakage at a 'whole-house' attic fan.)  

(Air leakage at around a brick veneer fireplace wall.) 

Thermal imaging cameras can diagnose moisture, energy and home performance problems that are hidden and difficult to find.