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Homeowner Services

Mold Testing & Inspections

A service for both builders and homeowners, we are certified through RIA (Restoration Industry in America) to perform mold inspections and mold testing.  Mold can be a major factor affecting respiratory diseases.  Proper cleanup is critical.   


"Had a Home Energy Audit done by PA Energy Auditors and it was very thorough. Both Kevin and Stan were very professional. They were here for about 4 hours and explained and showed me things throughout the time they were here. They used a lot of tech to include thermal imaging, duct testing, blower door testing and a few other things that I can’t remember... Since PA Energy Auditors are completely independent, they didn’t try and sell me windows, insulation etc. They performed the energy audit and let the results speak for themselves. I found out that I need more insulation and should have my attic air sealed but my windows were actually better than I thought. They did a great job and would highly recommend them."

Dave W.
​Harrisburg, PA

Thermal Imaging for

Building Diagnostics

* Moisture intrusion 

* Plumbing leaks

* Building envelope leakage

* Duct leakage

*Overheated electrical components

Duct Leakage Testing

We provide duct leakage testing for homeowners.  This determines the overall leakage and can help to identify problems with the system which can affect both comfort and efficiency.  

Energy Audits - PP&L and First Energy (Met-Ed)

Homeowners can save significant money and increase the overall comfort of their home by having a whole-house energy audit performed.   

Energy Auditors offers a full array of Homeowner Services designed to help make your home healthy, comfortable durable and efficient, based upon the application of Building Science.   We provide Home Energy Audits for both PP&L and First Energy (Met-Ed)We offer inspection and testing services including mold and lead testing.  We are experienced using thermal imaging and moisture meters to detect moisture intrusion, leaks, overheating of electrical components, air leakage and more.  We serve most of central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland, and have assisted home owners in Harrisburg, York, Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Lancaster and Lebanon.   If we can't help you, we can often direct you to someone who can.  Check out our additional services below, or contact us if you have a problem that hasn't been addressed here.   We're here to help!  

Is your home uncomfortable or unhealthy?  

Do you have high energy bills? 

We can help!  

EEM's -Energy Efficient Mortgages

EEM's help homeowners include the cost of energy upgrades in their mortgage.   We can perform a HERS Rating on the home to demonstrate the anticipated savings for various energy upgrades.  Utility savings are then considered by the lender in determining the mortgage limit for which the buyer is approved.      

Additional Services

As experts in diagnosing building problems, we use building science principles to resolve a wide variety of builder and homeowner concerns.